Monday, September 13, 2010

{ It's In the DETAILS }

First I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on our Fall Front Porch!

I want to take today just to wrap up all the small details and move on.  I've got so many things to share..
Our son turned 16 yesterday and guess what??

we are trying the whole process of thrift store finds from house to TRUCK!
Seems to make so much more sense....I'll update you from time to time on the transformation....:)

The chandelier was a SUPER find....5.98 @ the thrift store!  Didn't do a thing to it...just hung it:)

The two lanterns we had purchased over the summer and hadn't "put" them anywhere/two brackets they are hanging on was also thrift store.

Stool Thrift Store ~ my daughter painted it and stenciled a #5 on it. 

Basket with mums sitting in it ~ Thrift Store

Old chair in corner we daughter { Nikki } uses for photography.

Book bundle I made with 3 old books tied with twine.  The wreath I made out of old books as well.. I get REALLY old books for like a dollar or two.  I LOVE OLD BOOKS!  There is a book store in a town by us that I LOVE!  She sells the old ones cheaper cause...they are old...good for me!

The OLD WINDOW and VINE wreath we bought at a flea market...ea. was 6.00

Corn stalks were free....this week a couple of nurseries are getting their shipment of stalks in and I will buy more for our front and back porch.  We are hosting our...

1st Annual Harvest Party October 23 and we are decorating for that....YEAH!

I think that is about it!  Really it wasn't that expensive.  THRIFT STORES ARE the way to go for a lot of things.  You do have to go on a regular basis.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot and other times not so much. 

We are starting our first BIG PROJECT ~~ THE OFFICE!
I am sooo ready to get started so be watching for some sneak peeks!

Hope this encourages you to create a COZY & WELCOMING ENTRY ~ no matter how big or's ALL in the the TINY things that say { HOME }

Thursdays are going to be posts on my THRIFT STORE FINDS!

Always Building ~

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