Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are you Growing Lovely as You grow older?

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...Chew on this today...
 ...and then answer the question...
Maybe share in the comments below
What are some things you are doing to grow lovelier on the inside as you grow older on the outside?

Let me grow lovely growing old
So many fine things do.
Laces and ivory and gold
and silks need not be new
and there is beauty in old trees
and streets a glamour hold.
Why should not I as well as they
Grow lovely growing old.

Eunice Garrity

Is that not beautiful?
I ran across this today from my visit at Nell Hill's.  It was written by her mother in law in her " golden years "
It is framed and hanging in her living room
I could hear her journey encouraging me and you...she's calling back
I could have cried when I read it.  
I was reminded that beauty indeed does fade but what people remember... and truly find beautiful... is a heart that is content with what it is wrapped in.  It is good to care for our physical is eternal to care for our hearts...that is what shines out through our eyes.
That is what those we leave behind will remember.

What are you doing today so that you are lovely tomorrow?

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Mama Abby said...

i DO love this poem--so sweet, dear and truly beautiful--reminds me of what I am reading in "Captivating"

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