Friday, August 27, 2010


Ugh!!  My nail is broke,fingers burned, haven’t showered or brushed my teeth BUT.....


I was thinking on Fridays I would talk about preparing for my first 10K but after stressing about flowers, felt and hot glue, getting my pouting 11 year old off to school. OH and BTW-- “MY” 3 mo old lab puppy named “Charli”…(she’s a girl) ATE A LIVE Cicada this morning.  I couldn’t get her to spit it out so I dry heaved my way around the house while the helpless things made this “awful” sound while inside her mouth and then ….. it was quiet.  That is one of the few times in my life I have been TRULY GROSSED OUT!!

RIP little insect:(

AAAhhhh-- back to 11 year old “ Why are you pouting”? “ I’m not pouting” “ Yes you are”…..With a “ don’t you know this already lady?? to which she replied “there was no one there to help me get ready!!”  My eyes rolled ( my head) OK maybe they literally rolled (sometimes I too revert back to being 11).. I know real mature but there are moments… and kept brushing her hair trying to get it into two flipped out ponytails for the headband I had just sprinted through making…burning my bare thumbnail that the acrylic is missing off of!!

The extremes you go to when raising children….

One minute you can just kiss them till their head pops off and next….you could kick them to the curb {just kidding} but seriously I have felt that way….often many times a day.

I have been spending this first FULL week of school trying to put together a BOOTHFUL of up cycled, recycled and handcrafted things for our city fair daze…. Here is a few pics of the stuff I have been working on.

Well, off to shower :)

P.S. ~  Tonight is Dakota’s first Varsity Game…and he is going to start and I am STOKED!! 
P.S.S.~ I will start NEXT week on my 10K journey….. 

The only thing I am “BELONGING” TO TODAY IS succumbing to the need to put “ to many “ things on my plate. 

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