Friday, September 24, 2010

Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?

:::::::{MY AHA MOMENT }::::::: 

I am a design experience whatsoever....OK maybe HGTV watching counts??

FOR ME ~ I am inspired by many different styles. 
I have fallen into the trap of copying a certain "look" for lack of knowing what my "style" is. I confess.....

I don't think I have a certain " look ". I am beginning to like that about accept it ~ if you will. Well here is the first piece of " MY STYLE " puzzle!

I'm eclectic!

eclectic ~ not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Do you like eclectic style? Follow these tips to bring the look into your home. ... Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish

Here is "MY" GO TO GUIDELINES for creating my spaces!

{ FEEL }  

I HAVE to FEEL @ home in this room.  I don't care if I recreate a room that looks just like the lettered cottage but I don't feel like ME in's not.  IMPORTANT  ~ you have to FEEL the space for it to be authentic to you!!  Stay true to who you are regardless of what everyone else is doing.  Yes ~ even adults have decorating peer pressure.  Pretty soon there will be Bloggers Anonymous { BA Meetings} too funny:)


Words and their meanings.  " Meanings " mean something.  Word association can be a powerful tool in creating space.  Much like naming our children...we often look at the " meaning " of the name before choosing the name.   FAMILY is a word that I love.  IT(family) can mean many things to many people....I have been working on our living space and I think of the word FAMILY and what that looks like to me -  as I paint, buy, place furniture and pick out fabrics.  What are some of your words you use when you create a space?

{ COLOR } 

Vivid and Bright- warm and neutral - neutral with a mix of bright colors and so forth.  Color says alot about us as individuals and family units.  It sets the tone for the overall feel of a space.  Try as I might I ALWAYS come back to black...I don't know why but I I am going with it:)


These are harder for me.  I don't naturally pick fabrics and textures out on my own.  I do know I like natural and organic things.  Things that feel pretty without to much processing....if that makes sense.  What I am doing ( as I've seen many others do ) is make an inspiration board or use a picture that you LOVE to go off of.  TV shows do that by recreating a look for a fraction of the original cost...why can't we?:)  


this has been a learning curve for me..TO trust my gut.  I am having so much fun learning that it is in the details, the tiny things that make a difference.  I am learning { KEY WORD } that if I make a is OK.  TRY AGAIN! Paint it over etc.  That is how we learn and it IS OK:) now if I can apply that to my children...I think I am being


I couldn't help but mention this.  The foundation for my home is smell.  Weird...maybe:)  I love baked smells.  My house has candles and plug ins EVERYWHERE!  Pumpkin spice, harvest spice, hazelnut coffee get the idea.  Smells make the memories. My children will always associate these smells with home. { Dakota would come home and tell me that the girls at school said he smelled like maple syrup and they loved it....too funny }

Enough about my crazy little self!  I am thankful for my nice {and very long} wink, wink!! with my friend Elle this morning {see you can shorten your name}  It is a beautiful FALL day here so go have yourselves a wonderful FALL weekend!

Always Building ~

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