Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{ The Genesis of My 31 Days of Praise}

I have been seeing various “31” day posts going on which is extremely fascinating.  I was over at a girlfriends last evening for a “ last hurrah” end of summer bbq.
As I stood back and observed us talking -  I couldn’t help but feel anxious for WOMEN in America.  I know this may sound a bit strange sitting at a bbq and thinking ..…BUT
The pieces of our hearts that we were sharing were what I call the “ the more you do the better you must be” syndrome.  I have stuck my head in my shell for the last 5 to 6 years to get away from this merry go round of guilt and shame that our society pressures us to be on.  Much of my thinking lately has been negative…not just at others but at myself.  My inner self is tearing it”self” down.  Not good!  Praise….31 days of that just might get my focus going in another direction.

“ You pray in your distress and in your need,” Kalil Gibran admonishes us.  “ Would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.”  If we did, we might experience more of them.

{ REST }

gotta exercise – not only to look good but for our health because all of the crap we eat because we can’t find the time to be Betty Crocker anymore { even though for most of us-  one of our deepest longings is to just be able to cook a nice dinner for our families}
gotta take the kids to 3 different sports, music SOME kind of extra curricular activity { included in that is the expense of tuition, instruments needed etc. etc.
gotta do the “ church “ scene – the more committees your on the more they ask you to serve here or there “ well that is a GOOD things so it can’t be bad
gotta make more money – so and so has this and our little mini me’s have to have these clothes and that cell phone and this car
gotta have the perfect marriage – plan in time for the romance?  time for that?? it is 10 at night and I am REALLY ready for bed..
Oh the house – I have to have it cleaned – the dishes – the homework – planning planning & planning.

Here is a quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach
“ The mother, even if she has a job, makes the arrangements for school, for play-dates, dentist and doctor appointments, vacations, and trips to relatives.  She buys the clothes, the underwear, the shoes, the toothbrushes, the birthday gifts { for her own as well as her kids’ friends} the books, the Play-doh and paint sets.  She drives the car pool, makes the snacks, applies the Band-Aids, wipes the noses, cleans up the spills and messes, supervises homework, calls the teacher, gets the camp applications, writes the thank you notes….it NEVER stops!

Whose week does that sound like? 
“ the message a daughter hears through all this is that one of the most important jobs a females has is considering and taking care of others’ needs, and in the process that often involves putting her own needs aside.”


for the next 31 Days I am lingering over a little book I’ve had for years called “ 31 Days of Praise” by Ruth Myers.
I think ~ women ~ need more soul care
You know the old saying “ If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy

I want to explore ways to get off this crazy American Carousel called the perfect life and how to downsize it all and get back to some old fashioned roots of Family again.  My youngest is 11 and I don’t have much time!  I am starting with Praise and see where that leads me=)

Does anyone else feel like slowing down and savoring more moments with your family?  Maybe examining your heart on what being a mom is to you??  Not what the world says we are supposed to be but what your heart is longing for??  More simple things ~ more simple times.  Maybe share some ideas on how we can encourage each other on this carousel ride….maybe get off once in awhile…..

Always Building ~

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