Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grace's 3rd Fall Fun Fest

::::::::{ Yes ~ Gymnasts DO have FUN }::::::::
ok ...!

Grace's 3rd Fall Fun Fest Parade with her gym

This year it was just her and  I.  She's growing up.  She used to say " Mom , don't leave " and now she says, " It's OK Mom...go ahead and leave." 
There is that moment between girlhood and young womanhood where "IT" happens.  I don't know what " IT " is but they change.

It's subtle...I let go..a little

I look back...she is laughing and talking with her friends...I kind of smile and turn around...I look down at the pile of warmups I end up holding for the girls..I'm proud of the young lady she is becoming...she catches my eye and knowingly sends me a reassuring smile

....somedays I like it best when she says don't leave.

Always Building~

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