Tuesday, September 21, 2010


{ Trash to Treasure }

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Before and After Pics!  This door came from a demo job and was going to the trash!  Now it is at home in my UNDER CONSTRUCTION CREATING SPACE.....Stay Tuned:)  I will try to get a before picture with the standard white door:)

Notice the " authentic " bird poop..:)

This door is going to take me into another world... another place...my place...my heart...  A place I was born to be...a place I've longed to be...a place I have feared to be.  This is where you will find the source of your inherited restlessness.  It was not by accident
Behind the vain work of men lies a Divine Design... Everything has to be right for it to happen..to begin.  Only God knows when that is...its purposed before time began.
I look up at Him and I am ready...I think.  He knows me so well  He can see through the rotting of my bones, the pain..hurt...anger..He sees my heart weep so tender to the touch....He longs to heal it..to take the brokenness and mend it..nurse it back to wholeness.  He can...will I trust Him?  I don't trust anybody really...myself maybe?  no... that is not true either.
In my life there has come a point where the Holy Spirit puts a unseen wall behind and says  " not this time....your ready...you are not going backYou were BORN to be free...you have been caged for too long and by to many.  You don't trust yourself yet - but you will learn FOR...You belonged the day you were born
so open this door...take MY hand and step...through this symbolic door...REMEMBER this door can be anywhere in the world.  It moves where you move...never forget that my child.  He cupped my tear streaked face gently - his thumbs brushing softly over my cheeks " If only I could show you your future...what magic it holds you would so gladly run to it ~ you can trust me and know I will not ever leave you...no matter what you do to me or anyone and yes even yourself."
Here's my door ... it came to me freely... it's old and worn and most likely ready for the trash had it not spoken to me...we have something in common...me and that door
My REPURPOSED DOOR is symbolic for me 
It symbolizes : authenticity, dreaming big, finding the little girl and leading her home, freedom, new life
It is going to replace the existing door in what will soon be " my space" to get to know me better...who I really am. 
Really soon....and I am so excited to see what my heart speaks as I look to make this space a place to grow up...would you join me on this adventure? 

Do you have any symbolic "doors" in your life to share?

I have got to think of a name for "my creating space"....hhhuuummm:)

Shall we walk through?


Kristin said...

What a great word picture Tiffini! Thanks for sharing...

Amy Kinser said...

How beautifully written. It seems that God is taking you on a journey where you will grow, where you will blossom and bloom, where you will learn to hear from Him and follow Him in a whole new way. My friend, keep your eyes on Him and walk...just walk and keep walking through every door He begins to open.

Can't wait to see what you are working on and how God is working through you and in you.

Anonymous said...

I just happened on to this posting today...thankfully. Your words spoke to me at a very personal level. This has been a very difficult holiday for me and after reading this post, I KNOW now who I need to turn to for comfort and guidance. HE will not forsake me. Thank you and God Bless!

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