Friday, October 22, 2010

For the { LOVE } of SCRIPT...

Have you noticed when you purchase a car
all of the sudden you see others with the SAME car?

I am learning that the more I am intentional on creating MY look
the more{ ME} things speak to me.

I am a LOVER of WORDS and their meanings

I am in the process of recreating my 

::EAT IN KITCHEN...more pics coming next week...can't wait!!

::MY FORMAL DINING turned...uummm - not sure yet
::BEDROOM for my 11 year old daughter

I am getting some fantastic ideas!

Anthropologie has a bedding line out that I would use a credit card
for ... IF I had! 

I will be quiet now so you may peruse:)

Have a SUPER weekend and don't forget
this MONDAY!  Read about it HERE.

Next 6 items are from Anthropologie

This bed...that bedding:)

I would change the chandelier...looks like antlers...ugh!

Love Letters Bedding
I'll just take the comforter, shams and pillows please

Love Letters Bedding
OH - and the sheets and ....

the doorknob HAS to be my FAVORITE here...

Had to throw in the THROW...I can imagine me curled up reading
the books I am waiting on with a nice fire...yeah baby:)

I thought this was a really sweet piece
It is from
Morris Home Furnishings
I found these while browsing and you can use them for free in your artwork!
Here is the link 
Old French letters

gilded French settee with script fabric
What can you say here?  Gorgeous!


Beautiful Interiors and 18th Century Style
There are no words for me on this....simply LOVELY

Here are SEVERAL charming pieces from Curious Sofa - which I am not far from!  It is worth your time
to check her out!  I am wanting to take a " field trip " there soon:)  Here is her Blog as well..enjoy:)
She also provides a link to French Script items on Etsy
I am going to peruse myself on Etsy today:)

Maybe at the end of a bed or my back deck once we get to screen it in...
now that would be nice

 I would love something like these beauties for my booth tags!

These are so sweet...they are everywhere in blogland ... all very creative

Just a simple pillow could be tucked anywhere

{Happy Weekending Everyone}

See you on Monday...I have a new bird project I am working on I am going to share!


Christa @ Stories of a House said...

Have you found any good sources for French script fabric? I loved your post...lots of inspiration!

Amy Kinser said...

Great ispiration, my friend!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I love script too! Such pretty images! Thanks so much for you visit and wonderful comment!

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