Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Spontaneous} Campfire Family Fun

Everything can be falling down around you and no one would ever know.  Their hearts know and I want to keep them from the middle of this week's battle

Here is what I did....


Improvisational ( is this a word?)  attitude { use what you have }
No duraflame logs -  so I bought a bundle of firewood
No fire pit - but I had a BBQ Grill
Homemade Hot Cocoa...thanks Jane:)  Recipe below
mugs and carafe
Any kind of candlelight { I made these }
Chairs and Blankets
Each Other

Please share some of your spontaneous family fun moments in the comments below...I'd love some ideas

The only thing she was sad about was - there were no smore's:(

Back deck this lame or what?:)

Ingredients...Jane says to add a touch of cinnamon..I added when I added the vanilla

My Mason Jar luminaries....I had several lit

I compared calories and had to share...35 calories for Unsweetened Almond and 120 for 2%  WOW!
It was sweet with the sugar so they didn't notice it was Almond Milk...sneaky

The flash kept blinding her so she smiled with her eyes closed...silly girl
The smile was ALL worth it
Even 16 year old brother joined us - No Pictures MOM!
He started the log for me...I HIGHLY recommend the Duraflame logs though
Real firewood was hard to light when trying to be spontaneous
 Happy Reconnecting:)

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Kirstin said...

Great post! alot of times we have slumber parties in our room. My girls will drag bedding in and sleep on our floor (they're 14 1/2 and 11).

We just did a bonfire the other night. I love your idea!!!

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