Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is why many women stay quiet, rendered virtually mute by unexpressed rage and unable to articulate any needs at all....
                                                                                                       Simple Abundance

I have a need....I can hear the heartbeat in my ears, the sweat pouring out of every crevice of my body and the palpable thickness of all eyes on me...everyone is looking at ME..or so it seems.

You heard me gulping .... I have a NEED... and I truly believe there are many women like me with the same NEED.

Scared little girls in the hearts of grown woman's body

who have been broken - in many different ways but they hold one common bond...

:::::{ They want to grow up but don't know how }:::::

They are self conscience of everything that makes them so beautiful...their pain keeping all of God's grace and human help walled out.  So they spend year after year in isolated despair...wondering...often dreaming when and if it can or will ever change.

YOU were born for such a time as this Esther was once told and that verse reverberated in my soul.

AND SO WERE YOU my soul friend

We are going on this journey together.  This is my { Broken now intentionally Brave Journal }.  Here I am going to share how I am building a ladder up and over this I am going through the God only gives Grace for the truth I am going to grow up and what that looks like. 

And the truth is - There is a way out...and we are going to build it together.  I believe it will be one of the ~  if not THE ~ hardest things we will ever do.  We are moving from the rear to the front line and it is time to fight.

Fight for yourself and your daughters and for all little girls everywhere that we are ALL WORTHY and our HEAVENLY FATHER DELIGHTS in usHOW thankful we can be that he is not human yes?  I am scared to usual .... but I want this more than I think ...almost anything...


It is not about building a bigger, better whatever blog - it is about forming a community of kindred souls who are ready to go to war on behalf of their heart and others set it free to receive all the plans and purposes that were meant just for them.

Knowing at least this moment He is delighted in me ~

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Lori said...

I know this is kind of weird, but I don't think I'll be "all" grown up until my Mom is not around anymore. I'm still somebodies little girl. Glad she is still around to make me feel that way!

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