Friday, October 8, 2010

Step into Nell Hill's

{ Mary Carol Garrity's House of Belonging }

Step up into a peek at Mary Carol Garrity's home - owner of Nell Hill's. { to read all about her history check out her website and blog - located on down:}  The home and her stores are lovely visions I could live in.
This was my first time to ever see anything like this and meeting the woman behind it all... Mary Carol.  She was so approachable to a fearful heart like me.  My stomach was churning with anxiety to ask if I may take pictures of such loveliness.
She graciously acquiesced.

I will have to share that she INspired ME....her spirit and home caused me to " breathe in " which is what INSPIRATION means.  In every sense of the word.  I was ( pretending ) to be a photo journalist for a day.  The first time I really used my daughter's camera.  I want to learn more about photography now...I had the best time.
the girls we went with were WONDERFUL and FUN!  It was a great time for sure:)

Honey ~ I'm home:)  don't I wish
My FIRST " House of Belonging " Fall Photo
I truly sensed belonging in this home

I could only imagine living in this fairytale place and having a family here.  Meeting Mary Carol just one time I felt instantly connected to her JOY for the  LOVE she gets to wake to every morning....the gift of doing what she loves.  I believe that is rare.  I looked up to her....I wanted to be a part of her family lineage.  She has a rich history of strong women that paved the way for her.  Strength, perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit went before her.  But it didn't stop there--- behind her she seems to want to leave a legacy of what seems to be a lost art for women.  Creating Home....a home that beckons ~ come and stay...BE...LIVE and LOVE.

{ One step in my ladder - leave a legacy of strength, perseverance and a love for creating home }

One thing that encourages me in the blog community is the emergence of women calling us home again.  It is a good thing.
We,  as well as our children -  need a rich heritage of belonging..knitting together family and community...making memories.  We ~ as women ~ need to pave the way...lay the groundwork for future generations to COME BACK to the beauty of creating Inspiring places to live in.

I am sharing just a peek at some of Mary Carol's fall touches.....please enjoy.  Visit her website at Nell Hill's and blog NellHillsBlog for more INSPIRATION!

A hutch decked out in Halloween spirit in her sun porch!

Little sitting area outside and off to the side of her front entry...

Cool the texture

One on each side of the stairs leading up to the front door!  Love them!

BOWS - GINGHAM - TOPIARIES...what more could you want.  One on each side of her front door!

I saw the daddy long legs on this pumpkin - one of my favorite pictures:)

Lanterns, Lanterns everywhere - all shapes and die for!

She had these stone stands all over.  I LOVED them.  How simple but perfect?

A Simple Fall wreath hanging at her Briarcliff store:)

This was her formal dining room.  Pictures just don't do it justice.

A table full of inspiration...they were everywhere!  Just filled with a hodge podge of pretty things!

Darling candles in candy corn:)

ANOTHER table...aaahhh! 

Another angle of her formal dining room...sorry lighting:(

Don't you want one of these???

FALL Fabulous!

This is my kinda couch...she had two chocolate brown wicker charis sitting across from it...cozy!

This chandelier was to die for!!  Just gorgeous!


Anything in three tiers...I want!


IF I could afford one of THESE chairs...I would have three!  You can choose from TONS of fabrics!!


ANOTHER table:)


Just ONE of her tablescapes...

I ENCOURAGE you to do something like this!  It was so worthwhile.

Do you have any strong women in your history that you can share about...if so - I would LOVE to be encouraged by them:)

I am going back for the Christmas Open House....hope you can visit soon:)


Lori said...

Wow, how nice to be able to take a peek inside! I love Christmas Open Houses! I bet this one will be fabulous.

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

Amazing & beautiful. Love anything 3 tiered also! Love topiaries. Love those glass cake/candle covers. Love the stone blocks also. LOVE that house! Oh yeah, and I do love lanterns. =)

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