Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What does your Daddy call you?

{His little girl}

What if I sowed each one of these beans?  If my digestive system was like dirt...

I would tie up my hair and tie on my apron with pockets...hiding my secret treasure
barefoot I walk in silent reverie about my secret dreams...dreams that are just for me

over my shoulder I can hear echoes of  fear gnawing at my gut...pulling me back..then I feel

an invisible HAND gently cupping me
freedom whispering and laughing...beckoning me to " Come"

so I do
It is in the sowing of the seed that the harvest is reaped

I find the perfect spot and sit down ~ turning over the rich soil
i drop the bean
my tears water
i hesitantly cover it up and pat it firm with a cupped hand...my hand doesn't want to leave

squinting...the son is sooo BRIGHT my hand partially covering

Daddy - I'm ready...He knowingly smiles down at me and squeezes my hand....reassures
I am beginning...to trust
Daddy? do you want to know something?

There was a moment of sweet stillness and I whispered

...I'm glad I'm your little girl

she ran wildly into freedom and in the presence of her Daddy's love

not all of us have daddy's but we ALL have a Father :)
I would like to know IF

You have a Daddy story to share? 

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD.  "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11


Creative Ambitions said...

I love this... it's beautiful. So glad I (and all of us) have a heavenly father who can and wants to be our daddy, too. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Truly a lovely post, Tiffini! Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this....just what I needed to read right now.

Jennifer said...

AWESOME post!!! So heartfelt, and so TRUE!!! My Abba Father story for this week is that He told me that the reason I'm a worrywart is because he wants me to PRAY for everyone--even people I don't know. Whether they are people walking on the sidewalk, other drivers, people at work, children around the world, whoever!!! Rather than stressing myself out about the condition of the world, He has been telling me to PRAY!!! He's shown me that my nervous nature isn't necessarily a flaw--it's just that I am not utilizing it the way He wants me to. I haven't listened to Him well enough to steer my energy in the right direction!!! He's made me the way I am so that I can be a tool for HIM to use for HIS purposes!!! Haha, what a concept, but it sure had not sunk in before this week!!! So, that's my I-feel-loved-by-my-Glorious-Father-in-Heaven story for this week!!! What a loving God, who shows each of us individually how much He loves us, and what we mean to Him!!!! And by the way, He is definitely using you to reach others!!! Your post brought tears to my eyes, and that sweet ache in my heart that means "YES, I totally relate to this!!!" THANK YOU for listening to Him, my sister in Christ!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Just what I needed.

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