Monday, October 18, 2010

Mark Your Calendars ~ October 25

{ Intentionally Brave Mondays }

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?  The world would split open
Muriel Rukeyser

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Do you like beginnings?  Won't you please join me for the genesis of Intentionally Brave Mondays here at my House?

Intentional meaning ~ done deliberately...purposefully...intended
I would like to take Mondays as the beginning of courageous intentionally set our minds for the week towards the myriad of unexpected moments coming our way - when a split second choice will be asked of each of us.  Will we do the hard thing by choosing bravery while fear is hanging on?  or will be fear win again?  Sometimes fear does win..that is life.  It is in these moments that I would like to visit and share. 

On Mondays I will share my perpetual climb of brokenness to being intentionally brave...saying goodbye to the fearful little girl - to becoming the grown woman I so imagine myself to be.  Being the daughter He knows me to be ~ instead of the orphan I've always believed I was.

Often times hearing others helps us to keep going...I can't even begin to tell you all of the ways others story has encouraged me...kept me climbing...even when I've had to stop and rest awhile...we learn that we are not alone...  Here there is no judgement  -  just a place where our humanness...our femininity if you will... meets with the Daddy of grace. 

Anything that you have been fearful of or in and chosen to be brave...could be changing the paint color in  your kitchen to how you are dealing with health issues to the challenges of raising children.  There are no boxes here:)  From the giants to the ants.  You can post a picture, share a story, write a poem or a song.

ALL of life encompasses different aspects of bravery...each is applicable:)  There is no right or wrong " not enoughs "  YEAH:) 

It can be one word...or 1000 words
I will read and treasure each one

Please share funny things as well...simple things...there are NO rules:) { except to share grace with one another realizing all circumstances are unique } :)  It doesn't have to be all SERIOUS...or it can be serious...please..I invite you to just be your authentic selves:)

Share a fear you may struggle with and the way you are overcoming that in your daily life.  Each day we are presented the the choice of following fear or following bravery..

which will you choose?


Every Monday
just add the direct URL to your { specific } Intentionally Brave post... and if you join us, I ask that you please help us find each other by linking back to this blog or sharing the Intentionally Brave button in your post somewhere please:) and thank you!

If you don't have a blog and would like to share your story in the comments section that would be perfectly wonderful as well:)
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YOU silly !! 

I look forward to Intentionally Chasing Bravery with you

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