Friday, October 15, 2010

What COLORS are YOU shining?

I am shining

{ PINK }

I never knew that until the Design Girl redesigned my blog!

Danielle asked me what colors I had in mind for the sidebar titles etc.
I had know idea...I told her I was thinking black, brown...
Always thought I was on the darker "dark"

I would have never chosen pink..{and yellow} 
I am loving it...aren't you?
It really reveals my heart...thank you Design Girl :)

Funny - when choosing photos for my header I knew they had to take me to a place that would engage my soul so when I go open my blog to play ~  I fall in love all over again.... 
go visit her{ Danielle @ Design Girl that is }..she might become famous on a reality TV show...LOL!

...Pink is a color that I want to be SHINING...

 {{I AM }}



:: CALM ::





I want to shine my BEST color...

Pink in general ~ means femininity....REALLY?  I never thought of myself that way...BUM comes to my mind...but feminine?? ...{ lets put it this way ~ I like comfy..the over 40 trap that I am refusing to allow to control me least when I go out :-) } 
I want to become me that means dressing more like this

Lisa Leonard's Blog What she wore on Wednesday's
and this
My post on Rachel Zoe here I come:)

Pink is a quiet color
Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self worth, love and acceptance

Put PINK in your life if you want:
::Calm Feelings
::To neutralize disorder
::Acceptance, Contentment

What color might you be shining today:)??

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