Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fear Is...


Intentionally Brave Mondays

able to be passed by contact: transmitted from one person to another either by direct contact with the person or by indirect contact
likely to affect others: quickly spread from one person to another

"Your heavenly Father waits with open arms to hold your treasures. There is no safer place in heaven or on earth." (Prov. 29:25) – Sheila Walsh

God is with you daughter of the most high God...of the King of Kings ~ Shelia said on Friday.  Over and over again she said it and I could just imagine that truth clothing my whole spirit.  My spirit was ready to hear that...I mean ~ I HEARD it!!  Not just - I know in my head but boy ~ I buttoned up the whole coat!!

 I am dancing in his fast wasn't like when you spin so hard and fast your side hurts from laughing and you can't catch your breath...differently - it took my breath away.  At the same time I felt his love lift my was a feet dangling kinda love...the kind that every little girls heart longs for...I found.  I am done flying in the wilderness the last 40 years.  I am ready to land and trust.  Trust must be the opposite of fear. 

Hi - my name is Tiffini and I have a trust issue...

THIS IS THE ROOT right there. This I've known in my head for...I don't know... a long time. It is providence? I think so. Mordecai told Ester as much when he said, " You were born for such a time as this."Climb up on His lap and life around us .. all chaotic and fear threatening to take over...I climb and watch from there.  It gives me a safe place...stability.  I had a bottom dropping out childhood and that progressed into my adulthood...even still... today.

AND SO was I
AND so are YOU my friend:)

You may not feel it, your circumstances could be so dark and despairing that you can't even think of taking the next step...I understand..I do.

You hang in there..We can "hang" together?
Just imagine yourself as the little girl in " the little princess" movie. Your in the attic now with all lovliness wrongfully taken away...or you think. What happens? All along the Indian servant watched over the princess. Remember the morning when she and her little friend woke up and there was silk blankets, food and warmth?

We are God's princesses and He and His armies of the Most High God are watching over us...even in our attics.

Funny thing though.  I am becoming more comfortable in His lap.  What I've always done isn't as comfortable anymore.  Why?  It produces the same results over and over again. 
Maybe...just maybe...I am trusting the One who can offer me and you more than our earthly father could...Matthew 7:11
I want to share a song with you that brought me hope and encouragement and praying it does you as well

Climb right on up there...there's more than enough room:)
It's our rightful place
 You are a daughter of the King of Kings and His lap is the safest place to be


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emily freeman said...

Oh, I have that same trust issue. What freedom and rest to know we are safe.

And completely unrelated...I love your wreaths!!

amy in peru said...

:) you have created a beautiful space here and I love your blog name... very comforting.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose trust IS the LORD... :)

amy in peru

Rachel said...

Awesome post & beautiful song to accompany it. <3 Keep working on those trust issues... we all have them, but we can trust His plans for us.

Mama Abby said...

love this and the "climbing in Abba's lap" image...I am sorry I haven't gotten to visit since I started to follow:(...a bit overwhelmed in the blogosphere, but I'm finding my feet! thanks friend:)

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