Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Curtain Suggestions Anyone?

 Apparently, builders don't get it that curtains will be hung on those windows.
I honestly cannot figure this one out...what were they thinking?
I didn't even recognize it until we were thinking about curtains.

I really do need some help with this one.
What do you do with the rod?
I can't see it looking aesthetically pleasing?

As you can see there is just
 3 inches on the right side window and 8 1/2 on the left window.

We are prepping her room now to paint this weekend and hang the beadboard...or whatever we decide to do with the lower half.
We've got BIG plans for my mini me's room transformation.
Her instructions are  

I want a old vintagy princess room

so that is what we are giving her.
I am taking you girls with me when I go to a secret little place in our historic west bottoms where there is the most quaint, so reasonably priced upcycled and funky furniture and home decor I've ever seen.
My friend Lisa has opened up a new world for me.  They are only open the first weekend of every month.

So--December 3 I'm there and I am wrapped in anticipation 
Speaking of my friend Lisa - 
can I share your sweet and cozy home...her home is just that..a home
I am envious...:)  No really - she is one of my inspirations but I will save that 
for my post;);)

OK - I will stop rambling but seriously can I please have suggestions on what to do with uneven windows???:)
Thanks ever so much~


slip4 said...

I am also hoping you get some great suggestions for uneven my reading room (first floor, need something on the windows!) has one window with plenty of space around it (more than 8 inches even) and the other might have 3 inches if I am lucky. I think it is less...

Beth Rutter said...

I just saw this topic on another blog the other day but cannot remember which one, if it comes to me I'll re-comment and let you know.

But, what I would do is...
Hang the rods so that they butt up against the walls by the windows. I would then hang the other end so that they appear to be even. The right window's rod would be 5 1/2 in out further than the left to make up the difference in the wall and then give you the illusion that the windows are even in the wall, does that make any sense at all? In my head it does, but oh baby that's a scary place!

~SueSCharmingChippyCottageCreations~ said...

Hi well I have windows like this and I have some with beautiful oak trim that I don't want to hide with curtains so I use tension rods. They wont hold heavy drapes only light weight curtains or roman shades which would look pretty in you windows. I do not have blinds hate them they are such a dust collector and I sneeze just opening them LOL. I do have my curtains posted on my blog I think that I made for my windows using tension rods if you want to look good luck!

Jen Morgan said...

Maybe take 3 sash rods (the kind that go on french doors with the shirred hourglass panels)and create a canopy. Put one rod in the middle of the ceiling by the windows; put one each on the wall next to each window about the same height as the top of the wood frame. Drape fabric thru all rods and let poole on floor. You have created a canopy effect and the fabric will hide the uneveness of the frames.

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