Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bacon and Burlap

It seems I've cooked bacon 3 days in a row...the smell was in my hair
permeated the rooms
and did I say my hair?...yuck!
Just sayin...
does that bug you too?:)

:::Onto the important stuff:::

Making BURLAP CURTAINS for my EAT IN KITCHEN this weekend
{ see end of post..I changed the paint color.. again }
and I just might give a tutorial a

Here are some of my inspiration ideas

I know I am using rings with clips..kinda looks like they tied theirs onto the rings doesn't it?

Burlap curtains

Source: Wren's Nest

I might incorporate some fabric on my curtains..not sure yet.  I like the buffalo plaid!

Source: Houzz
Isn't that chandelier just gorgeous?

Source: A Simple Yarn  

I am loving the script fabric used for the tie back don't you?

Source: Patina Green Market

These I am going to buy!  I LOVE them and they make my heart happy.  Worth every penny.  Thinking my master bedroom when I get to it??:)

I repainted the eat in { Behr's Sands of Time } which is the color in the formal dining room.  It is a shade lighter than our living area.  The eat in was painted the darker color in the living area.  
I liked the { Behr's Quietude } - it just didn't go with the cherry cabinets and wood floor...{ which I do not like..the cabinet color that red for me }
I think I would have to repaint cabinetry and all the living area to paint the blues that I love.
I can live with this for awhile.
I really like it much better now that it flows with the rest of my house paint colors... for now.

 {I am working on lots of projects right now so excuse the mess...soon I will be posting them all }
The chalkboard border post is here

A tasty morsel to chew on before you go....

Source: Carol Spinski Photography
 I love the layered bedding, burlap headboard, chandaleir, tin ceiling and the dreamy snowflakes!
Couldn't you just spend a cold winter's night in that bed?

Interested in some Burlap History?  It's from 2009 but really interesting

Do you have burlap curtains in your home?
Eat In Kitchen update coming soon!

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Raised In Cotton~ Carol said...

Love Burlap and Thank You so much for the mention:) I was hoping to capture how beautiful the bed was at Curious Sofa that day:))


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