Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Spent { Season of Simplicity } #3

What is ONE simple thing do you do with your kids during the busy holiday season to slow down and spend quality time?

Here's ONE of mine

my favorite 11 year old girl
Ramona and Beezus+ popcorn+ cozy blanket = Simple Perfection

Its coming
that day when this will not happen much
she will be sharing her space with her husband
if I could stop time and just breathe in her smell
and share her love
just to marvel at HIS creation - that He gave ME to
its good - its right
my heart heaves with emotion
time starts present each minute
i heart you....
push play

love mommy

Enjoy your weekend:)

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Cate said...

Beautiful post, and with my "little girl" about to turn 18 next month -every moment with her is indeed precious.

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