Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spreading not Dreading Thanksgiving { Season of Simplicity } #2

Don't have Thanksgiving at least not the traditional way!

I truly believe we are programmed to believe that

Thanksgiving has to "look" or "be" this way

That if it doesn't - there is something wrong with us..their right. we're wrong

we are missing out - they have it all

The blinking tower going beep.beep.beeps messages aimed to make us spend money we don't always have

If we don't do it this way we just aren't in the spirit

Every magazine, ad, commercials, tv, radio and yes even our beloved blogland inundates us with this frenzy - we are surrounded

Our  family is going to test that lie this season.

Here's the scenario

I posted Season of Simplicity #1 here.  With our financial situation coupled with some other  things I decided I was going to keep it as simple as I could.  Sounds good doesn't it?

What did I then turn around and do?

I sent out the evite for all of the family to come to my house! fun...I can make homemade decorations have more "simpler" food..whole food not lots of casseroles with 10 fattening ingredients etc.!

I then got up from my chair and I had company...You know who it was?  DREAD...I felt it silently squeezing my beat faster...fervently I started my mental checklist of what had to be done in two and a half weeks.    My house is a wreck ... in every room.  I have 2 rooms in the middle of repaint projects
Slowly... I began to think I just made a big mistake.

~SO~ to make a long story SHORT

Here's what we are doing INSTEAD

We are looking for somewhere we can all go and out..give back
we are going to a restaurant...yes you heard right.  A restaurant.  A place I don't have to clean, decorate, plan menus...SIMPLICITY
we are going to my little sisters home that they just closed on yesterday { happy dance for her } and CHILLAX For our family it will be snacks, playing Wii, watching football, laughing like crazy and I guess;) we will help Amber and Robby unpack.

It is that SIMPLE

Do we { meaning my family } have to have the American Thanksgiving to have a holiday??  We shall see.

I can relax into the approaching Thanksgiving Day knowing that THIS year I can choose SIMPLICITY.  I will not be spreading dread - I will be spreading joy, peace, love, thankfulness, contentment.....

HHHuummm - Isn't joy, peace, love, thankfulness and contentment gifts of the Spirit that we talked about in Season of Simplicity #1

P.S. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself some of those gifts too:) 
It makes me spread joy instead of panic to my family....;)
When I get out with people and give back or help out it really does change the way I am viewing things.  Really.  The world is FULL of brokenness -  we need each other. We need to and encourage
so that we can works both ways. give and take. 

Here are a few links that I found helpful and or encouraging!  One of my favs is Simple Mom
{  she says living simply looks different for everyone and I agree }



On Thankgiving day you can kickoff watching Christmas movies...we always do. its free!

Can't wait to see how this post ends!


Brittanie said...

Sounds like it will be a great day! Hope you have a great time!

Amy Kinser said...

I hope your Thanksgiving day with your family is full of wonderful blessings whatever you do.

Kristin said...

Good reminders...I agree

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