Friday, November 12, 2010


Are you a list maker?  I is my weekend list
I'm drinking a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha w/ Caramel as I post...yummo!


What is your weekend looking like?
What do you clean your house in...maybe that is the right question:)

I've marked this weekend my CLEAN weekend...every room clean deal...throwing - giving - recycle kinda cleaning.  I am asking all the family to pitch in and clean with me and we are going to go to Chipotle's as our reward.
I recently visited Flylady again ... after many years and decided to start using "some" of her plan after we get everything decluttered.

I also went "virtual shopping"  something I love to do when money is tight.  I just fill up those carts:) I did a post about my lookbook - now don't get me wrong I LOVE my lookbook and still refer to it if I have to buy a "normal" outfit but I have to make another confession..

Hi - my name is Tiffini and I'm a bum...anything with boyfriend in it is my friend.
{ two times in one week }

Here are a few of the things I love from { yes -I know- young people stores }  it is a disease I

Where do you go when you need clothes she asks?
To the sleep and lounge section!!
These look cute under stuff or cleaning the house by yourself:)

I love this..alot - just wondering if I'd get to hot...I have hot flashes..

any kind of sleep pant will do


love sweet little sweaters like these..would probably by them to big so they wouldn't squeeze me!

I would soooo love this...its 360.00 I think ~ yes I would

a must have...Grace would borrow steal it from me

Break Of Day Loungers

Third Position Bodysuit
what an uncomfortable piece of clothing...won't be happening

Boyfriend Lounge Pants

Cleaning in Comfy clothes...that about sums it up for my weekend.  It is rainy and chilly today...perfect for just staying in and cleaning.

Take Note:

Over the weekend I am putting some new coffee filter wreaths in my SHOP that are little bit different..I hope you let me know what you think.

Also - I am doing a 30 day no sugar challenge starting November 26 - December 23 that I will post about on Tuesday...until then

Have a sssllllooowww weekend everyone!


Brittanie said...

I have a cleaning routine so I don't ever spend the weekend cleaning lol..
Your no sugar challenge sounds awesome.. love how it's right between the 2 holidays!

Between You and Me said...

love your here!

a happy follower!!

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