Monday, December 13, 2010

Being Brave @ the Hospital

Have you ever had a moment of ...shall we call it- vomit of the mouth?
Only to have to run into that person again?

I did...with Grace - about two weeks ago.
She has asthma that flares with every contagion stalking around
A intimidating male Dr. came in, examined her and ordered
to come back in and say...basically...there is nothing wrong...just a VIRUS
( she'd been home sick in bed for over three days )
Every mothering instinct I usually keep to myself-- just came racing
right out of my the intimidating male Dr....that I strongly
OUT him...then to add the cherry
I said , " I'll just take her to Children's Mercy "

To make a long story short
3 days later...still very sick in bed...I took her to our nurse practitioner
who worriedly said...take her to the ER...I think she has pneumonia
BACK to the hospital where I basically told the Dr. I knew more than he did?!
Yep - and guess what?
We got the SAME DR!  I was sweating bullets...

He ordered more xrays only to tell me what I already knew
SHE had pneumonia!
I had to tell the momma in me to sit down - there was no room for pride here
we had a sick little girl

but i must felt kinda good to have a voice...even now I can't believe I said
I said what my heart felt and the whole world didn't fall apart because of it
It wasn't even mean I'm just FELT that way because I normally just acquiesce and
let it go analyze it for the rest of the day.

I need to find and use this voice more often...with a little fine tuning that is:)
I felt this would be best filed under Intentionally Brave Mondays
This was BRAVE for me

Photo Credits:
Chris Everard - Lovely Little Things


Snugglebug Blessings said...


I think you did the right thing. Dr's don't know everything and they don't know our children like we do. Thank God you followed your instincts and not what the dr said! My friend's son had strep so bad and the dr's blew it off. She took him back to the ER and he colapsed right there in the ER, he nearly died right there and if she didn't follow her instincts he might not be here today. By the way, tell the dr. the first visit is on him. LOL! Hope your daughter is on the mend. God bless.

Lisa said...

Good for you! While I'm sure the Dr. had good intentions and is very knowledgeable, it's okay to question doctors! I think we all feel intimidated as the patient (or momma of the patient) but isn't it amazing how your instict that it was something more serious was correct??? Don't mess with mommas is the moral of this story! Hope your little girl is feeling better and has an easy winter ahead of her with her.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! it is okay to be proud of yourself for doing such...unfortunately most parents do not follow our instints, or our sixth sense, as we should. I hope your beautiful Grace is doing better!

Jen said...

Mothers ALWAYS know best!!! I think you did the right thing...when it comes to our kids you can't take any chances & have to listen to your gut instinct! I hope shes feeling better!

Mickie said...

Been there, done that, and would do it again. The same thing happened with my son years ago and I can still feel the anger and indignity that a Dr. could dismiss my feelings (unintentionally or not) about my child. You did good gf and don't feel bad about it. Hope your baby in on the mend and you all have a Merry Christmas.

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