Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life continues...

to go on...
and it will go on without us if we don't choose to
why not BE in it
This last weekend I chose to stop striving - asking - trying to understand
and just ENJOY 
what one never knows could
be the last breath you take
and I am not going allowing that unhealthy mindset to poison my life any more!

I baked cookies...and then BAKED some more cookies

I DIDN'T clean...
I didn't do laundry
I looked all around me at the strung out mess from
room to room
and { I acknowledged it and said I would get to it another time }
guess what?  the family didn't even care!

I watched a friendship grow

I love her mischievous eyes here...

enjoyed Grace re-telling  the church Christmas play
I went to church
got a Bible study...Beth Moore's Breaking Free 

Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories - Leader Kit

went to a cookie exchange where I had not seen this side of the family
for over 20 years...uncomfortable? you bet...did it anyway
{{ I got to catch up with my sister there though!! }}

enjoyed our first snow

watched White Christmas { gosh that girl is skinny }
drank hot chocolate my new favorite way
enjoyed my nephew playing with my hair

grieved over Grace's decision to quit gymnastics { after 3.5 years }

watched her condition
a " remember "  picture of her calloused hands from working bars
but happy with her choice to pursue dance
{ more on that later }


it was MORE than doing these things
It was my heart and soul relishing in them as if it were
permissible even desirable to ENJOY life

I pray you - too
have more and more times of being present 
than just going through the motions
rushing from here to there
worrying about impressing who knows WHO
just stopping and seeing if the whole universe ends
because you permit yourself to ENJOY who and what
God has placed around you.

enjoying today...what about you?:)
I appreciate and cherish all of you that read my struggle
and are so supportive
I am thinking there have been prayers
because I can tell a difference
Someday I want to share a victorious story with all of you

excited to share today with Jen and the girls at
Finding Heaven Today


Snugglebug Blessings said...

It's hard when our children change things we thought they loved. But its ok, because God is moving them in another direction and we gotta let him. My daughter has incredible artistic talent, will she go to art school, heck no! But I can only pray she will allow God to lead her.

I so agree we need to take more time to enjoy the moments. There are to few of them. My 10 yr. old son and I watched "The Christmas Carol" together and ate cookies last night. it was fun just sitting and enjoying him.

Have a blessed day today. God bless. Cathy

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful weekend you had! I love that you just enjoyed life. Sometimes I know I get caught up in the to do things and forget to enjoy. This post is a wonderful reminder.


Erin @itsgrace.com said...

I love the idea of just being present..what a concept, right?

Joining you..I will enjoy today..


Jen said...

You know, I had the thought, as I was rushing away from my daughter's preschool -- be careful -- you have a lot to do today and if you let yourself be consumed by the to-do list, you will not be consumed by Me. Thank you for confirmation.

Amy Kinser said...

So glad you slowed down and enjoyed your day the way you wanted to.

God bless you, my friend.

Andrea said...

THIS inspired me today to be ok with letting go. I wear myself out with trying to make everything go well, work well, run smoothly... and then I wonder why making memories feels exhausting sometimes :) Those cookies look amazing too. Post the recipe! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you for inspiring us to be present in the present. To allow the laundry to remain undone and just enjoy what is going on around us. The house doesn't have to immaculate. The laundry just has to be done, not put away.

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

That was beautiful. Thank you.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh, wow. Tiffani. Breaking Free. I just finished it - someone told me they call it "open heart surgery" and is it ever. It's ABSOLUTELY wonderful. You will grow deeper in your walk and gain so much more clarity on the way God works through this study.

Good for you for letting the messes be and concentrate instead on the memories. I need to be better about this - what a great reminder.

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