Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stuck in...

a rut as to what to feed your kids for lunches

YOU GOTTA check this out!

I am.... constantly searching for new ideas to feed Grace
She and I both get tired of the same old same old
what about you?
This DARLING blog was featured by Laptop Lunches on my Facebook 
I thought I would share it with you

Laptop Lunches: Winter Wonderland

Love this...the popcorn idea is interesting to me!

L&L snacky jello bento

It is worth searching old posts
there are SO many creatively cute ideas

Gingerbread sandwiches bento

I need to break down and buy a laptop lunchbox I think!
Grace takes her lunch everyday
and since she has been up until a couple of weeks ago
working out 32 hours a week...
it is important to feed her body well

Lock & Lock box Christmas snack
In the middle of Christmas season why not pack healthy

Taking a day break from heart issues
gotta lighten up AND still
feed the kids:)

Hoping this inspires you a little...have fun searching!

Yesterday's post cookie picture Brownie Covered Oreo recipe!
found at Picky Palate
Absolutely Delicious..

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