Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coffee Filter { Tutorial } How I do it

I've had a lot of emails/comments on coffee filters so here is my lame attempt at a tutorial:)
here are a few.....

I love them! I was playing around with a coffee filter the other day and noticed how they make such pretty flowers. Are these used and dried or "tea stained"?
Mickie said...

I love your coffee filters. Been saving a few myself to make flowers but geez, guess I will have to just get a box and stain them all at once. This saving and washing out grounds is the pits.
Between You and Me said...
I am in love with everything that you do with coffee filters.
I am so curious...are you making a pot of coffee and dipping the filters in it?
Girls...don't save those old filters with grounds anymore...this is much easier:)
First I fill a big bowl/pot with HOT water and throw in about 10-12 tea bags.  I often let them soak overnight.  I simply wring them out and lay them on a cookie sheet.
You can air dry them or I bake them at 250.  I take smaller piles than the 100 or so I stain.  I put them in and every once in awhile I will take them out and rotate them so the bottom layer is moved to top.  

Second - Gather supplies
Hot glue gun
lots of glue sticks
glitter, ink and glue if you want to embellish

wrap wreath form with ribbon, crepe paper or don't wrap it at don't see it

I take all the dried filters and if I am going to stamp them - I get busy
it is a little time consuming but I like the outcome

I sometimes will ink the edges of the filters as well.  

If I want them glittered I take 5 or so filters and fold them in fourths 
then I run them LIGHTLY in glue 

and then in glitter

after the glue dries - I grab the middle of the filter...kinda like this

 put some hot glue on the end


and stick it on!  Easy:)  Just keep doing that .... lots!

Hope this helps some!  Thank you for all of the compliments too!
Now go on and dye you some coffee filters would ya?  
If you come up with some creative ways to use filters let me know...I love working with them.

Here is some more links for coffee filters...enjoy
Rhonna Designs - video tutorial .. really cool!

if you come up with some new ideas let me know:) 
I also used coffee  filters for a redo on thrift store topiaries

Rhonna Designs - video tutorial .. really cool!


Frugal Friday @ The Shabby Nest


Catherine said...

Wow! I love these and had wondered myself - I was quite prepared to drink many, many, cups of coffee to get the appropriate number of filters necessary - but even being a coffee fanatic, that would have blown my chances at the next challenge; trying not to burn myself in a caffeine frenzy with the glue gun.

I can't wait to give these a go - they are just beautiful!



Between You and Me said...

doing it today!!!

I'll show you pictures when I'm done...

say and glue guns don't mix well...I usually lose my fingerprints. :(

Mickie said...

Oh thank you!!! Going to "dye" some today. I absolutely love your wreath and topiary. Gotta try that. By-the-way, love your blog!

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

Hey this looks like the one I picked out when I won the other day!! I bet it is. Hooray, it is looking so cute, I am excited!

The Frosted Gardner said...

I love these! Now I want to make some too! Another project! Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I really want to try this, it's gorgeous!!!

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