Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 things I'm doing ... { Intentionally Brave Mondays }

to become Joshua's warrior woman

I've been studying Joshua's life this week
I like Joshua..God told Joshua many times to be strong and courageous
He's telling me to be strong and courageous
Here's what that is looking like for ME


I replaced the old with the new

2003 with 2010  not that the verses are outdated...just the season of my life has changed.  So I am writing quotes and verses that He is speaking to me now.


I am intentional about time with Him 

in the mornings..afternoons..night

I have lots of hurt walls up
and I know I need soul medicine 
medicine that is readily available from the only Medicine Man
It takes trust to lay under the knife
His knife cuts down deep..at the root
tenderly cauterizing the sin
binding up the broken pieces
Open the door of the tent where His glory dwells

enter into Him

My question for him..in REAL life is this one...lately
I know forgiveness is the answer for the bitterness that eats away the soul
and here is the big BUT
How do you forgive when something has happened over and over for the last
10 years and will continue to happen?
How do you turn the pain into power to move forward in life?
when you are a woman who's cared for her children all her life?
when there is no degree to fall back on or no job history for a resume?
Father can bring help from the other side of the world if need be...

There is purpose in pain...YOU know what it is...open the eyes of my heart



lastly this...

Hands off Tiff!  No More Fixing..No more running
I am trusting
When pain is present...don't run...draw near
parakaleo...the One who "comes near"
He is that to us

WATCH...be STILL in your SOUL
and SEE what I will do in your midst
I can take away
and give back all that is best...for you...for your children

the ground is moving..I look back and the ground is breaking up
and He whispers " I know what I'm doing"

Watch and join Me
Listen and I will speak
Look...I AM here

I have to lay my soul open..naked and bare to the One who can...
if I want to be brave...if You want to be brave...if we want to be on the frontlines
He will do everything else
will I/we be still and let Him?

You've walked around long enough like an orphan
as if you have no Helper
You are my daughter

{ 3 Things all summed up }

Write down what He says to me and look at it often
Spend Time with Him - Draw near..pull close in you pain .. whatever that is for you
Watch for where He is working and then...only when...He asks...DO IT!

This is what I'm doing to train for battle...what are you doing?
my foot is in the water

Brave Girls Club

Sources of some pictures:  Dave Ferguson  Snap Shot of the Nature


Anonymous said...

Have you ever done any of Beth Moore's Bible studies? She is great! Writing down verses on index cards was something I learned from her... and it's so helpful!

Annie said...

I know I didn't accidentally stumble upon your blog. I am truly encouraged after reading your post, thank you so much!


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