Monday, November 29, 2010

House of Bryan addicted...are you?

I had to do a second post ... I couldn't help it.  I watched his show with his adorable little wife and two kids...and fell in love!!  
I think he is a real his clothes.  
There is just something about a bald!
Love a lot of her paint colors.
I am going to Lowe's to check them out this week.  
It is on HGTV...check it out if you can.

In case your they are:)
Her taste is a little to contemporary/modern for me but I loved her paint colors...did I say that already?:)

Foyer 6005-1B, Villa Gray
Living Room 6005-1C, Smoked Oyster
Dining Room 5005-3C, Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist Valspar - Lowe's
Family Room 5005-3C, Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist Valspar - Lowe's
Kitchen 6005-1B, Villa Gray  Valspar - Lowe's
Eat-in Area 6005-1C, Smoked Oyster Valspar - Lowe's
Hallway 6005-1B, Villa Gray  Valspar - Lowe's
Powder Room 4008-2B, Almost Charcoal Valspar - Lowe's
Laundry Room 5001-3C, Blue Arrow Valspar - Lowe's
Main Flr - Trim Cloud White - Semi-gloss Valspar - Lowe's
Main Flr - Ceiling Cloud White - Flat Valspar - Lowe's
Master Bedroom 6001-3C, Hazy Jade Valspar - Lowe's
Master Bathroom 6001-3B, Mint Frost Valspar - Lowe's
Walk-in Closet 6003-1B, Frappe Valspar - Lowe's
Hallway 6005-1B, Villa Gray  Valspar - Lowe's
Guest Bedroom 6005-1C, Smoked Oyster Valspar - Lowe's
Guest Bathroom 5006-2A, Wet Pavement Valspar - Lowe's
Charlotte's Bedroom 6003-1B, Frappe Valspar - Lowe's
Quintyn's Bedroom 6005-5C, Herb Cornucopia Valspar - Lowe's
Kids' Bathroom 6007-7B, Grasshopper Valspar - Lowe's
2nd Floor - Trim Cloud White - Semi-gloss Valspar - Lowe's
2nd Floor - Ceiling Cloud White - Flat Valspar - Lowe's
Basement - Entire Stone Mason Grey Valspar - Lowe's
Bsmt - Bathroom 6005-1B, Villa Gray  Valspar - Lowe's 


Between You and Me said...

love this post.
can't wait to check them out..going there now!

there is something about a bald head! :)

Simply A Farmer's Wife said...

I too love this show but I'm not a huge fan of Bryan! ;) I missed most of the first part but added it to my DVR list. Their house is gorgeous!

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