Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking like Christmas ::: Coffee Filter Topiaries

 I want to take just a moment and thank all of you that take time to hang out with me from time to has been a fun journey thus far and I am enjoying meeting such
lovely women AND kindred spirits...thankyou:):)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
everywhere you go...
at my house it is starting to look like this

We made music sheet paper page chains and coffee filter flowers and placed them before putting on the ornaments
I purchased Jones Design Christmas tutorial here for some ideas.
I will show you the whole tree later this you see the ONE white tissue flower??  that is before i changed it to coffee filter!

I had two topiary's sitting around and since I am working A LOT lately with coffee filters I just thought " what the heck " and glued them on!  I painted the pots in chalkboard paint...nothing original:) 
Here is my tutorial on how I do coffee filters...:)

Here is a picture I took of one of the coffee filter flowers I made...this one I glittered the edges.  I just make about 30 and stuck them randomly throughout the tree.

Here is a sneak peek at the two chalkboards we cut and painted and hung to the right of the fireplace.  I will do a post on this very soon.  I will show you the whole wall.  I am still tweeking a few things.  I am going SIMPLE this winter.  Nothing to much...just enough:)

Here is a picture of the topiarie's outside...before putting them on mantle and tying some ribbon on..

and another... I got fresh evergreen for the mantle and front door.  I am still looking for another candle holder for  my candle.  Gosh --that surround sound stuff REALLY bugs me:):)

I've also been working on some lampshades...what do you think?

We got Grace's room painted and trimmed and finished the formal dining room walls that I am posting this week too!!  I can't BELIEVE the change in her room with just what we did!! Amazing!!

Intentionally Brave Monday will be tomorrow...then back on Monday next week:)
The 30 day Challenge I am moving to begin on Monday December 6...due to I have been sick and it just didn't coincide with my plans...go figure?  can't control when your!

Have a beautiful day...I am LOVING looking at all the Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!



Between You and Me said...

I am in love with everything that you do with coffee filters.

I am so curious...are you making a pot of coffee and dipping the filters in it?

LOVE this idea...gonna do a wreath one day!

Mickie said...

I love your coffee filters. Been saving a few myself to make flowers but geez, guess I will have to just get a box and stain them all at once. This saving and washing out grounds is the pits. Don't know how I happened on your blog but I love it and now follow!

Black and White {Side by Side} said...

LOVE your coffee filter decor - and the lampshade looks great!!!

Tres French Hens said...

I love all the coffee filter ideas! I shutter to think of all the "supplies" I've thrown away each morning!

A Delightful Design said...

HI! I just came over from Coastal Charm and I am in love with those topiaries. Very inspiring!!

heartofacountryhome said...

I love them! I was playing around with a coffee filter the other day and noticed how they make such pretty flowers. Are these used and dried or "tea stained"?


Emily said...

Those topiaries are beautiful! As are the paper chains made out of sheet music- I gotta' do that for my mom. She and her husband are recently retired music teachers:) They'd love it!

Melissa said...

These are fantastic - love them!


Jenna said...

I {love} this idea!!!

Vicki said...

I just love these. I have coffee filter garland in my dining room. Remember when they were all over blog land? I just love coffee filters and cheesecloth. I can't live without either. Following you!

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Just when I had run out of ideas for coffee filter projects. Your topiaries are stunning! I love how you added a bit of sparkle! Neat idea to paint the bases with chalkboard paint, too.

I'm a new follower!


Tammy said...

Fantastic! Love it!
Checked out your tutorial...and I think I'll try making a few of these!
Tammy :-)

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