Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{ Season of Simplicity } #1

The Season of Simplicity }

To be simple is to be great.

The season of busyness is upon us.  All our senses are is slowly taking over our blog world ~ its all about the holidays.
The season equals stress which affects every part of our being and the beings around us. 

 I have been in both places.  Seasons of Plenty and Seasons of Want.
For many though this season is the hardest of all and the truth is - this is where most of us live.  We peruse lovely blogs and only dream that was my might be a way of escape for some.  I don't know.  What I do know is this year we are going to be change agents. We have been saying it for years but this year we are doing it.
Often necessity is the mother of that how it is

{ this is not to make anyone feel guilty for having much.  I know the most amazing people who are givers of all they have - money and self.  This is a way that God has laid on my heart to teach me and my family a more simple way.  It may look different than yours.  I hope it can encourage.  We can all learn from each other.}

Our souls are begging for it

being simple: a lack of complexity, complication, embellishment, or difficulty
simple thing: a simple quality or thing
Synonyms: ease, straightforwardness, effortlessness, easiness, uncomplicatedness

I am going to spend the next two months sharing what my family is going to do to live in this harried commercialized season
more simply
How to recapture the magic of the season

Things that nurture the soul both of the giver and the given

here are a few from Simple Abundance...

Unconditional Love
Second Chances

These are Authentic Gifts.  Gift that change lives.  There is no tutorial...sorry:)  There is no store you can go buy these at and no booth you can make and sell either.  This is the where life happens.  
This is where the rubber meets the road.
This is the stuff that matters...that kids will remember for the rest of their lives.  We are to selfish and to ME centered.
We will begin the process of being other centered
There is so much to give when we don't have much at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I hope you find encouragement and ideas here during our Season of Simplicity. 

I will be sharing as many links as I can that will be helpful to anyone else wanting to join in and share their ideas.
I will be sharing things that I will personally do with my family this holiday season and just journal it with the hopes of it becoming our tradition from here on

What if... 

today I/You gave the gift of Compassion?
Does it cost anything?
It could cost everything

What are some ways you could give Compassion this Season?

From time to time I may do a LinkUp or always feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email.  We can all so learn from each other. 

Here is a wonderful link to get you started:)

Simple Mom

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slip4 said...

I look forward to your seasonal simplifying posts. Money is very tight for us right now, but even if it weren't I think so many of us are looking for simpler, more meaningful holidays.

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